A Run-believable Fitness Franchise

A Run-believable Fitness Franchise

Written by Lindsay Thomsen

Edited by Natalie Backora


The International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) estimates the health and fitness industry in the U.S. is worth more than $30 billion and has grown at least three percent annually over the last 10 years. Currently, more than 20 percent of Americans have a fitness club membership. Trends like streaming exercise classes, corporate gym discounts and health insurance premium incentives are helping this industry maintain momentum into the future.


However, we are all too familiar with excuses not to exercise, and one that always comes up is balancing time and family. This is where Karissa Johnson comes in.


Karissa is the founder and CEO of Moms on the Run, a fitness franchise that encourages and helps women achieve their fitness goals. With a personal training background and her own struggle to balance fitness goals after a new baby, she created a running group originally geared toward new moms. Its popularity took off; therefore, she extended the running groups to support all women wanting fitness motivation, training and support.


“I wanted to start a running group business but didn’t know why people would pay to go running,” Karissa said. “Then I had a mom say she wanted to train for a 5k, and I learned there was a need out there. Running is an easy sport to get into at all stages of life since all you need is a pair of running shoes!”


Soon after, she was getting calls from women all over Minnesota and learned there was a big demand. After exploring similar concepts in the space and weighing her options, she dashed into the world of franchising.


“Since launching in 2008, Karissa has grown to 50 franchises throughout the U.S., owning six locations herself. Her goal is to expand to 100 franchises. She is seeking to connect with women who are interested in helping the brand expand into new metropolitan areas to experience the success she has seen in the Twin Cities.


“A Moms on the Run franchise is a great opportunity that is part-time work and part-time income, yet very scalable since you can operate more than one location,” Karissa said. “We are actively looking for women who are passionate about helping others and at the same time building a business that works around their busy lives.”


For only a $4,950 buy-in fee and less than $300 a month, a franchisee gets a territory, operations manual and software (including a website), training guides, marketing material, hands-on support, and much more. This franchise is profitable starting with only two or three classes a week and offers the opportunity to expand into additional territories.


If you are interested in turning your hobby into a business and helping women achieve their fitness goals, visit www.momsontherun.com/franchise.html.