Company Overview

What is SOLVE?

SOLVE is a leadership consulting firm committed to identifying, developing, and retaining a business’s most important asset – their people.

At SOLVE, our vision is to improve society’s relationship with work. Unfortunately, most relationships with work are average, at best. Yet, we continue to re-commit every week to that broken relationship and accept the status quo. Hence, businesses struggle to retain top talent, deliver exceptional products and service, and drive performance to meet stakeholder expectations. It is a viscous cycle, and our firm has the knowledge, expertise, and wisdom to stop it.

For over 25 years, our SOLVERs have been advising companies to increase the accuracy of hiring and promotion decisions, develop exceptional leaders, and create great places to work. As a result, our clients are able to better retain top performers, more effectively develop leaders, and create a work environment that accelerates financial performance.

Here is our President, Merle Riepe, Ph.D., with some additional perspective:

SOLVE also advises companies in strategic planning and succession planning approaches to help them achieve long-term goals and leadership continuity.

If you share in our frustration with the current state of work and want to be part of the change in your company, please contact us today and let’s work together to SOLVE this relationship between your business and your talent.