Diversity and Inclusion 

Leveraging Diversity, Nurturing Inclusion

We help organizations leverage the diversity of their people by proactively building inclusive cultures.

Diversity & Inclusion Strategy Audit

Business leaders know their organizations are becoming more diverse. Leaders may also recognize the overwhelming evidence that diversity among board membership is associated with better financial outcomes.

What leaders do not always know, however, is how to leverage and optimize the diversity that already lives within their employees. Nor do they understand how to orchestrate and facilitate a workplace culture that oozes with inclusivity. Inclusive cultures attract and, more importantly, retain the increasingly diverse employees needed to innovate and win in the marketplace.

At SOLVE, we understand that a strong diversity and inclusion strategy is a competitive advantage for our clients. We also know that support for these efforts must start in the C-Suite. Our Diversity & Inclusion Strategy Audit is designed to identify short- and long-term opportunities for turning good intentions into lasting impact.

SOLVE’s Diversity & Inclusion Strategy Audit examines and assess:

  • Organizational Strategy Integration
  • Human Resources Hiring
  • Processes and Systems
  • Employee and Leadership Development
  • Programming
  • Cultural Values and Artifacts
  • Brand Positioning
  • Inclusion Enablement
  • Affirmative Action Planning Requirements – Click HERE to learn more about these requirements

Barriers to full inclusion are often embedded in processes and procedures that can be identified and modified using macro-level solutions. Other, micro-level, barriers relate to the implicit biases that all human beings use to navigate the world in a more efficient way and that potentially get in the way of fair and unbiased evaluations of other people. Fortunately, there are specific tactics that can be employed to mitigate bias and reduce cognitive shortcuts.

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