CAHRA Continues To Grow While Preparing For Major September Meeting

CAHRA Continues To Grow

CAHRA Continues To Grow While Preparing For Major September Meeting

COLUMBUS – The Columbus Area Human Resource Association is gearing up for a major meeting in September while continuing to prosper in the community.

The group, otherwise known as CAHRA, as been active for over a decade, and gives HR professionals the opportunity to meet each month for educational meetings. Vice President Jon Rauner says that CAHRA has made great strides over the past year to continue growing, and to continue to get the word out about the organization.

“The last year has been very progressive, we’ve done a really good job of getting our word out there a little bit better, we’ve had much better programs than we’ve probably had over the last couple of years, bringing in new topics and new ideas,” Rauner said. ”

Programs CAHRA has held over the last year included legal updates, a discussion on benefits, and a presentation on diversity in the workplace. The topic at the July 18th meeting was giving and receiving feedback, and a presentation on the matter was given by Deb Manning, a senior strategist with SOLVE.

Rauner says that CAHRA will close out the year on a strong note, as preparations are underway for an event on September 5th that will feature nationally-known speaker Andy Masters. CAHRA will be partnering with the Norfolk Area Human Resource Association for the meeting, which Rauner says is a great opportunity for both groups to work together.

“We do not get this opportunity very often, we only get together really once or twice a year,” Rauner said. “Being able to do a joint venture is really exciting, and it also helps both groups, we both have the desire to continue to grow, so it’s really benefiting both groups.”

The joint meeting takes place on Thursday, September 5th in Norfolk from 10:30 AM – 1:30 PM, with Masters scheduled to conduct two hour-long presentations. Rauner says that anyone interested in attending the meeting is invited to do so, even they don’t work in HR, but online registration is required to attend, and can be found at