A Walk in the Woods

A Walk in the Woods

Leadership: Inner and Outer Focus by Virginia Collins


As humans, we tend to be at our best when we are balanced between our inner and outer life.  As leaders this is also true.   


Taking the time to be caring of ourselves is imperative to achieve balance, and the basic ways we can do this are by exercising, eating right and getting enough sleep.  But, let’s talk about exercise in the time of a pandemic.  Walking has been shown in study after study to be supportive of good health, keeping our minds sharper and our bones stronger.  And it doesn’t have to be especially strenuous to be of benefit as the duration of the walk is as important as the intensity.  Walking at an average pace will get you there.  And the location you choose to walk can have an even greater benefit to you. Studies have shown the positive impact of walking in a wooded area or forest setting in both reducing stress and depressive symptoms while at the same time improving sleep and energy.   


So, taking the time to simply go for a walk every day, in a wooded environment when possible, will bring benefits to you as a person and you as a leader.  The greater clarity of thought, energy, and calmness you can have when facing challenges or simply striving to support others in their challenges and accomplishments will make a significant difference. 


So, keep it simple, focus on what you can do, and then walk out and make it happen.  The resiliency gift will pay off for you and the people you are privileged to lead.