Strategic Planning

Align your company’s vision, values and mission with measurable results.

Strategic Planning

“You can’t always see the forest through the trees”. This is a saying that holds true when managing a large organization. We all can get pulled into the day-to-day and lose sight of long-term goals. This prevents us from seeing what can be done right now to ensure achievement of those goals. Good strategic planning helps navigate between the trees in order to find the path to the ultimate destination.

SOLVE helps companies clarify their unique destination and vision. Our experience in Industrial/Organizational Psychology applies data science to a companies individualized vision. In addition, we help identify how to get there with timelines and accountability.

Everybody can move together to achieve success for a company when multiple things are in place. First, your entire team shares the same vision, values and goals. Second, everybody understands how their actions and activities contribute to the achievement of those goals. Lastly, everyday decisions become incremental steps toward the achievement of your goals.


Employee Experience

In this specific type of strategic planning, clients leverage SOLVE to design a strategy for an optimal employee experience. SOLVE utilizes their highly specialized training in human resources and workforce development, along with an interactive process and sharp facilitation skills, to promote successful outcomes.

This process allows you to answer the question,

“What will it feel like to work at this company in five years?”

Through powerful brainstorming and engaging dialogue, a powerful plan to change company culture is produced. SOLVE follows up with quarterly meetings to ensure traction and group accountability.