Career, Intern & Business Transition Opportunities

Business Consulting is a growing and competitive industry. SOLVE recognizes this and prioritizes our team to be industry leading and innovative. As a result, our clients receive the best experience and outcome from our services. Our team is comprised of Master- and Doctorate level Industrial /Organizational Psychologists with a range of industry experience.


Looking to sell or transition your consulting practice?

We enjoy working with business owners to promote both business and career success. While Succession Planning is one of our specialty areas, we also consider opportunities to partner with and/or buyout sole proprietors or partnerships that are looking to retire.

Looking for a career? Do you have a Masters degree or Doctorate in Industrial/Organizational Psychology or Business Psychology? If yes, and interested in an entrepreneurial, high-performing environment, please contact us.


Interested in an internship? Are you a bachelor, master or doctoral level student interested in pursing the consulting field? If yes, we’d appreciate hearing from you.


In addition to working with clients, we also enjoy working with students!  Here’s what our interns say about working at SOLVE.




See what people are saying about working at SOLVE:

“As a SOLVE intern, I learned first hand how to apply the scientific best practices I studied throughout my academic career in I/O psychology. From day one, I was given tremendous responsibilities over engaging, meaningful work, and provided opportunities to work alongside and learn from each one of the consultants. Perhaps most importantly, I was also given the opportunity and freedom to explore different specialties within I/O psychology while working with different clients, which largely shaped the current career path I’m on today.”   -Joel Butler, Ph.D. Senior Manager, Leadership Readiness, FedEx


“My experience as a marketing intern for SOLVE was absolutely incredible and taught me so much real world experience. It definitely impacted my decision to pursue a career in Communications and PR. I knew I was interested in this field, as that’s what my degree is in. But to work in a place where I was able to create promotional and informational marketing materials is what led me to pursue the position of Education and Outreach Specialist for Creek Valley Health Clinic in Arizona. ”  -Natalie Backora, Education, Outreach and Referral Specialist, Creek Valley Health Clinic


“The intern program provided me with opportunities to gain practical experience working to solve real human capital issues in personnel selection and leadership development. I developed my consulting skill set and learned how to translate technical jargon into useful information. As an intern, I worked with outstanding supervisors and colleagues who provided top-notch mentoring and developmental feedback, which helped me develop my confidence as an organizational psychologist. And, I developed great relationships with a very fun department!” – Vicki Kennel, PhD, Assistant Professor – College of Allied Health Professions, UNMC

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