Deb Manning, PhD

Senior Strategist

“Any day with a microphone in my hand is a good day” has always been Deb’s motto. Her early years were spent memorizing schmaltzy tunes by artists such as Barbra Streisand, Barry Manilow and Carole King. Her love of singing and natural stage presence were precursors to her true calling as a teacher and consultant.

Over the last 25 years, she has lived out that passion as an academic psychologist, performance management coach, innovation strategist, researcher and trainer. She is always seeking to inspire people’s hearts and challenge their thinking to facilitate intrapersonal growth and interpersonal collaboration.

Deb has extensive experience designing and implementing data-driven solutions to strategic problems in the areas of diversity and inclusion, leadership development, and employee and customer engagement. She optimizes her analytical talents to translate complex theories and data into useful insights for stakeholders across many domains, from the classroom to the boardroom.

Deb uses her background as a research psychologist to ensure organizations continually find ways to measure their success, confident that organizations and leaders cannot efficiently manage what they cannot effectively measure.

Deb’s desire to help people and organizations strive for success is grounded in her life philosophy that every person has value and deeply desires to make a positive difference in the world. When not making a difference for SOLVE’s clients, she is busy raising her voice in the alto section of the River City Mixed Chorus, whose mission is to spread a message of encouragement and inclusion. Her love of music is shared by her two sons and husband, who collectively play eight instruments and counting!


Doctor of Social Psychology
University of Minnesota | Minneapolis, MN

Bachelor of Arts | Psychology
Saint Olaf College | Northfield, MN

Community Involvement

River City Mixed Chorus
Marketing Lead and Board of Directors

Deb Manning